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Soul Path Readings

These readings are inspired and guided through your Guardian Angel & Your Spirit Guides in this time of great pain, torment, fear and confusion in the world, you all have become very confused  about your True Soul Pathway.

If you are now asking the questions why am I here, why was I born. Why am I unhappy. Your Angel & Spirit Guides are wanting you to know that you choose this time for you to be on the Earth. If you have found yourself on this page you have been drawn here by your Angel & Spirit Guides. 

Soul Path Sessions are not to be confused with fortune telling readings.
Soul Path Sessions will  assist you to discover your Soul’s true mission in your life journey. This mission could be very different from your goals and aspirations you have as human beings which you have set for yourselves during your lifetime.

A Soul Pathway session/reading will give you understanding of the contract you made in spirit and will assist you to work in a different way and no longer struggle in your life.

If you wish to grow in love, learn how to be happy every day and  increase your wisdom, then this reading is for you.

I may need to focus on your past life’s as this will relate to your spiritual journey and assist you to move forward.

All readings are special and very DEEP, The reading gives you a chance to connect with  your Soul Essence. 

Soul Purpose Readings will indentify:

– Your Past and Present life issues
– Your Karmic blocks

– Spirit and Angel guides
– Past life Traumas
– Regain your divine gifts and healing abilities
– Your Spiritual blocks and conflicts
– Increase your spiritual awareness;
– Raise your Consciousness and assist your Ascension
– Empower you to regain your power

If you are just beginning on your spiritual Journey or part way through, it does not matter what stage you are at.
A soul  path reading will assist you to progress and understand  your spiritual path and journey on this Earth.
A Soul Path reading will quicken your Ascension if you follow the guidance from your  Spirit & Light Angel Guides.

Every reading or session is unique because every soul/human being is different.

To get the most from your Soul Purpose reading, come along with an open mind.
You will need to submit up to 8 questions 48 hours before your reading, Zarina will meditate during this period and give you all your answers at your reading and much more..