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General Readings

This type of reading involves using Angel & Oracle cards to give an outlook on situations happening now and in the future.

Yearly Forecast Readings

This reading reveals your personal 12 month future forecast on your current path/timeline.
If you wish for Zarina to enter other timelines please tell her your requirements.

Past Lives Reading

Do you ever wonder what you experienced in a past life? If you have then Zarina will go into 2 to 3 past lives in detail. Zarina will advise if any traumas from past lives are having an influence on your life now.

Very often if we are stuck in our lives and feel life is going round & around and you’re unable to move forward, this could be due to a past life.

Past life readings are informative and empowering for the soul to move forward with positive and creative fulfilment.


Mediumship Readings

When loved ones pass away it can often leave unanswered questions. Usually those that are left behind just want to know that there loved ones are safe & happy in spirit. When you come for a mediumship reading please come with an open mind and allow Zarina to assist you to contact those that have passed and wish to communicate with you.

Soul Readings

This reading will assist you to progress and understand your spiritual path & journey on this Earth. Every reading or session is unique because every soul is different. To get the most from your soul reading come along with an open mind.   When booking this reading, please submit 8 questions. Zarina will meditate during a 48 hour period before the date of your soul reading to give you all your answers and much more.

Email Readings

You can also have a reading via email. This type of reading is informative and insightful. You may submit up to 5 questions to Zarina via email and she will send your full written reading to you within 7 days.


All readings will be done personally by Zarina for you.

You can ask questions about anything you wish: Marriage, Love, Relationships, Spiritual Development, Career.
During your reading Zarina will give you the information that’s required to assist you to move forward at this time.

All the messages Zarina receives are channelled from her guides.
They will give her the answers to all your questions. They will pass on guidance and reassurance and to comfort and help you in every way.

Readings with Zarina are 30 minutes or more depending on what type of reading you have & depending on the messages channeled at the time of your reading.