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Psychic based in Melton Mowbray Leicester
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A general consultation allows the client to discuss topics relating to any experience they may have encountered or do not understand.

These can range from Spiritual development, Dreams, ET encounters with different off world Species, abductions, paranormal activities, etc.

Zarina is a world renowned and respected Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and uses Angel & Oracle cards to assist as tools when conducting a reading.

Zarina will assist you in awakening to ‘all there is’

Zarina Psychic Is in Melton Mowbray Leicester, and offers her services throughout Leicestershire and beyond including Grantham, Oakham, Nottingham, Derby. Zarina has clients worldwide.  

Zarina offers many services including: Spiritual Life Coaching, Healing & Training, Atlantis Crystal Healing & Training, Mediumship and Clairvoyant readings, Chakra Balancing, Soul readings, Soul Recovery Therapy, Psychic Training, Bach flower remedies and much more…

Zarina is able to clear all negative energies from your home and work place click on the services link for more detailed information. If there is a service or training you require that is not on the list please contact Zarina directly either by phone or email to discuss your requirements.  

It is Zarina’s focus and mission to assist you in opening up your awareness to all there is. A reading, guidance, healing or training from Zarina will open up your awareness of spirit, no matter what level you are at on your spiritual development path.

Zarina will teach from her own experiences and share the channelled guidance she has been given to assist you to connect to your Light throughout all universes and solar systems, and to assist you at every level as you progress through and connect to your higher self.


There are many off world beings that are trying mentor Humanity at this time and with their guidance enable us to  regain our strands of DNA


There are many changes that will occur before us in 2020 and moving into 2021 both physically  and spiritually which some of humanity will not find positive, but these changes are required for all humanity to WAKE UP, and only by this huge AWAKENING will all or most humans come together as ONE and re-gain our 12 strands of DNA and with this know who we truly are.

Zarina’s Guides have requested her assistance in helping mankind to open their awareness and to assist in raising their Consciousness on this Planet.

Allow Zarina to plant the seed of awareness within you all and together stand in Love as ONE

Since Zarina’s transition onto the Earth, Zarina has channelled messages from her guides and from the Mentors of Planet Earth.

Now, as Planet Earth transitions through 2018/19 there is a huge urgency for all Humanity to connect with their Higher Selves and regain their 12 strands of DNA.