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Communicating With Your Guides

Communicating with those working with you

In this workshop, Zarina will help you to identify your guides and open up the channels of communication. Spirit connects with us in many ways, with signs, through songs, smells and synchronicities that we often overlook. When you need a helping hand, your guides are more than ready to step in, but you must be aware of how best to take on board all they have to offer you. Let’s open yours eyes, heart and mind today. See you there!

“Remember everyone is a channel for spirit guidance the ability to contact spirit guides is available to all of us. Finding your spirit guide or guides is possible”

This is a day workshop 11am – 4 pm – 45 minutes lunch break.

This workshop can be conducted in a small group or one-to-one with Zarina at Moonlite Crystals.

Speak to Zarina if you require more information and to book.