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Meditation to working with Gaia to rid the planet of Covid – 19 & the negative energy that surrounds these unprecedented times
First, complete the grounding exercise to protect & raise your vibration before going into meditation.
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Now breath & exhale – breath in & exhale – continue going this until u feel fully relaxed. 
Now Send love from our heart chakra to the whole of the planet – then out further through all Demensions 3rd 4th 5th 6th and beyond 
Then let’s lift the Covid -19 & the negativity it enhances & lift it off the planet into a box & send love energy to purify it – so it is no more 
Let’s do this every day for 15 mins until this negative energy has left our borders & planet – 
 If we focus & do this meditation this will lift the earth vibration & the negativity will not be able to stay 
The negativity can not stay 


The children meditation 
Who are the children who do they belong to, they are our human children that have been taken away from us?.
For those of you that understand about the lost children
please use this powerful mediation to assist them to return to their loved ones.
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