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Atlantis Crystal Energy Healing Practitioner Training

This Atlantis Crystal Energy Healing Practitioner Training course can be conducted privately 1 to1 or in a small group working with Archangel Uriel and the Angels of Love & Light.

The two day training will cover an introduction to your Guardian Angel meditation with your Guardian Angel, Meditation with Archangel Uriel and full Attunement directly through your Stellar Gateway Chakra.

This Old Atlantis Energy will assist you to heal Mother Earth, to begin to remember your powers and to evolve to your next level of Conscious Awareness.

You will be given a crystal empowered with the Atlantis Crystal Healing Energy and the tools to enable you to empower your crystals to use on your clients for healing.

Your clients will receive this energy through their heart chakra and you will be able to infuse this ENERGY with the three colours.

As an Atlantis Energy Practitioner every time you give this healing to your clients you will be giving healing to Mother Earth. She is in a great need of healing at this time, PLEASE HELP HER.

THE MORE YOU GIVE THIS HEALING of LOVE you will be connecting more and more to your 12 strands of DNA.

This Atlantis Crystal Energy Healing Practitioner Training can be completed with Zarina at Moonlite Crystals or at a venue of your choice.

If you wish for Zarina to complete this training at your home or at different venue please speak to Zarina to discuss your requirements.