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Learn To Read The Angel/Oracle Cards:


Do you want to Learn to read the Angel/Oracle Cards?

  “Calling all of you that wish to move closer to their Light Angel Guides and want to assist others to do so”

Learn how to CONNECT & CHANNEL Messages for others as well as for yourselves.

Angel Oracle Card readings

When you move forward on this path and focus you will ASCEND to the next Level.

This 7 month Training  gives YOU 1 to 1 Sessions with Zarina she will join together with YOU one Saturday each month, times and dates to be arranged duration from 10 am to 4pm (this may be longer). YOU will be given written and practical assignments to be completed during the Training.

YOU will also receive your Certificate and lifetime support from Zarina.

YOU will be able to read for others in the knowing that YOU are helping them in their life Journey.

YOU will need to dedicate this time to yourself and the Angels of Light.

Your first sessions will involve some healing and clearing any blockages you have carried through this life, clearing all that has stopped you from having a stronger connection with your Angels.

During this month you will continue to clear your blockages that have held you back for so long.

Your assignments for month 1 will be unique to you and will need to be completed in

order for you to progress to level 1.

YOU will need to write a Journal of your Special Journey and continue this throughout the Training.

Your second session will involve submitting your assignments, further healing, meditation with your Guardian Angel and Archangel Michael.

Your Assignments will be drawing you closer in communication to these 2 Angels of Light.

Your Third session will be filled with healing and meditating with Archangel Raphael, Zarina will call in this beautiful Angel of healing LIGHT, he will perform your celestial healing.

An Introduction to Archangel Uriel he will assist you with your LIGHT work.

Your assignments for month 3 will be filled with meditation bringing you closer to all the Angels of the LIGHT. You will be asked to open communications with Archangel Haniel.

YOU will be asked to submit a written experience of this new communication you have made.

This is the month with the close guidance of your LIGHT Angels you will choose and purchase your pack of Angel Cards, before your next session.

YOU will begin to become ONE with your Angel Cards.

When you have completed and submitted all assignments you will be at Level 2.

Your Spiritual Awareness will have risen to your next Level of Consciousness and you will feel confident and able to communicate closely with the Angels of Light.

Your forth session will be filled with meditation, you will start to read your Angel Cards and discovering your channelled interpretations with your Angel Guides.

YOU will be guided in the ways of clearing and preparing your space to read for yourself and others.

Your assignments will be for you to practice reading for friends and family. You will  be asked to submit  3 written readings.

YOU will now be feeling very confident in the knowing that you have connected with the LIGHT Angels.

Your fifth session you will be taught how to use beautiful crystals as part of your Angel Readings. you will be taught how to conduct a professional Angel Card Reading

During the afternoon of this session you will be conduct a Angel Card reading with 2 clients, they would have booked a Angel Reading with you in advance. You will complete 2 half hour readings with your Guardian Angel in the presence of all your LIGHT Angel Guides and Zarina.

Your assignment will be to arrange a Angel Card Reading with some-one you have not met before. Your client will exchange energy with you giving a reading and they will agree to sign your written assignment and be happy for Zarina to contact them to give her a verbal feedback of the experience during the reading and after. This will need to be completed before your next session.

Your sixth session will include full discussion and feedback on your experience during this beautiful journey with your Light Angels. You will complete a full Angel Reading . You will read for an hour, the only prompting and guidance you will receive is from your Guardian Angel and your Angel guides.

Your final assignment will be to complete your Journal of your beautiful journey with your LIGHT Angels and submit before your last session.

YOU will give an email Angel Reading –10 questions will be presented to you. You will channel the answers from the Angelic Realm and this will need to be submitted before your final session.

Your final session. We will discuss your special and unique Journey. YOU will receive a Celestial Healing with Archangel Raphael.

An appointment will be arranged for you to complete a full Angel Card Reading duration will be at least 1hr and 15 mins.

On completion of practical and written assignments.

You will be awarded with your accredited  certificate and information on where to purchase your insurance and information on compliance if you choose to work professionally. 

You also be invited to join Zarina’s  Angel reading circle- more information will be given to you when you receive your certificate.

YOU can take this Training in person at Zarina’s consultation room or on Skype/Video Call you choose.

Please enquire if you would like your Training to be conducted at your own home/venue.

Please call  Zarina  to discuss your Training – Call  07427691673