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Wellbeing Crystals Grids

Here at Moonlite Crystals we are now offering wellbeing Crystals Grids for families and loved ones to help support them in these difficult times we are currently experiencing.

Zarina and her students will be creating a wellbeing Crystal Grid for the whole of humanity. it is our belief that if we empower it with one consciousness, this will assist to raise the vibration on the Earth and assist the wellbeing and balance for all. 

If you would like a wellbeing Crystal Grid for friends or family please contact us for more information. Once you agree to have your grid we will send you instructions for the information we will need to create your wellbeing Crystal Grid.

(If you are financially unable to purchase, then please contact Zarina personally through the website as you may be able to exchange services rather than money)

The fee for this is just £50 which includes the programmed healing crystals and instructions. Postage & packaging is extra.